Establishment of a university for the armed forces educational and training institutes was a long felt need. National security, war strategy, medical, engineering and technology related to higher studies are in high demand at present. To keep pace and to be at par with the fast developing world, the national higher studies, research enabling modern knowledge and creating scope for education and studies are the obligations to be fulfilled. In order to expand and integrate the existing educational and training institutes of the armed forces, they were needed to be brought under a single umbrella or authority. Thereby, the establishment of "Bangladesh University of Professionals," (BUP) took place in that process and came in to being as 31st public university of Bangladesh on 05 June 2008. BUP is a unique public university run by the armed forces with upholding the motto "EXCELLENCE THROUGH KNOWLEDGE". The youngest university is confident in furthering the knowledge in the field of national security, technology and modern science to achieve the desired human resources development of the country.


To develop the civil and military human capital through advanced education and research to respond to the knowledge-based society of the contemporary world.


Bangladesh University of Professionals will emerge as a leading university for both professionals and general students through need-based education and research with global perspective.

Core Values

Integrity          : Highest ethical and moral uprightness.

Discipline       : Strict discipline in all activities.

Creativity  : Creativity in all spheres.

Commitment   : High quality academic standards.

Wisdom     : Enhanced education and research.


To become a leading public university in Bangladesh and in the region.

To promote knowledge in the field of science and technology, business, medicine, social science, strategy and security.

To promote leadership and civil-military relationship.

To develop intellectual and practical expertise.

To provide the best possible academic atmosphere.

To preserve the spirit of national culture, heritage and traditions.

To facilitate higher education in the Armed Forces.

To prepare the Faculty and Staff with necessary competencies.

To deliver competent professionals relevant to the demands of the society.

To sustain collaborative relationships with communities and educational partners.

To provide efficient services to support programs, campus community and quality of life.