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Undergraduate Program

All the departments of this faculty run four years BA/BSS (Honours) programmes which are divided into eight (08) semesters. The admission procedure of BA/BSS (Honours) programmes of all departments normally commence from October each year.


Graduate Program

Department of Economics and Disaster & Human Security Management (DHSM) are offering regular Master’s Programmes. Department of Development Studies is conducting Master’s professional programme of 16 months (4 trimester) which is self-financed and classes are conducted on weekends (Friday and Saturday). Next year Development Studies (DS), Public Administration and English are going to offer the regular Master’s Programmes.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) started its journey of “excellence through knowledge’’ as Faculty of General Studies (FGS) in 2009. It was renamed as Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) on 26 August 2014. The present Dean of this faculty is Brigadier General A F M Atiqur Rahman, ndu, afwc, psc, G, MPhil. Currently six departments namely Economics, Disaster & Human Security Management (DHSM), English, Public Administration, Sociology and Development Studies (DS) are offering BA/BSS (Honours) and one department is looking after BA/BSS programme for military personnel. Presently all departments are offering regular Master’s Programmes. Department of Development Studies is offering self-financed professional Master's Programme in Development Studies. This faculty presently has 49 faculty members and 1288 students. FASS is running Literature & Drama Club & BUP Research Society (Dept. of English), Debating Club (Dept. of Public Administration), Cultural Club (Dept. of Sociology), BUP Disaster Management Forum (Dept. of Disaster & Human Security Management), Economics Club (Dept. of Economics) and Development Leader’s Club (Dept. of Development Studies).FASS is equally performing well in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities both at national and international platform.


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